Thursday, 31 January 2013


Earn money by selling your old CDs, Games and DVDs using a site called

Trade ForeX

his one is  little risky and should be taken very seriously. That said, you can make a lot of money fast if you know what you are doing.

Start an Online Consignment Shop

Use to start an online consignment shop and sell all the junk that is laying around your house. You can expend this and charge other people to sell their stuff on your online consignment shop


Webmasters and bloggers need to build links to increase their search engine ranking and traffic. You can offer to be their link builder for a monthly or per project fee.


Love to travel? Now you can actually get paid for doing so thanks to sites like Lonely Planet.


If you do speak more than one language, you can actually make good money as a translator depending on the popularity of the languages you know.


Install the Viggle app and get paid for watching your favorite TV programs!


Start a membership site around a topic you are an expert on and charge people for your premium content and services. AND make a lot of cash


There are some good sites out there that will pay you to write reviews on your blog for various products and services.  I haven’t done much of this, but I’m hoping to eventually incorporate it into my niche sites.  Some of them are picky about what blogs they accept/approve, so you may have to wait until your blog is older and more established.
  1. Social Spark
  2. Pay Per Post
  3. Expo TV - Get paid for doing video reviews of products you own.
  4. Blog To Profit
  5. Bloggerwave
  6. Blogging Ads
  7. Blogitive
  8. Linkworth
  9. PayU2Blog
  10. Sponsored Reviews


If you’re willing to do a bit of research and take on the risk, you can buy and sell stocks online.  Some people make a good living trading stocks on a daily basis, while others have lost significant amounts of money doing it.
  1. E*TRADE
  2. Sharebuilder
  3. Scottrade
  4. TD Ameritrade
  5. Trade King


This isn’t really my cup of tea, but there are several sites that will pay you to take surveys or give your opinions.  Important note: Don’t ever pay to sign up to a site that offers to pay you for surveys.  Here are ones that, based on my limited research, are legitimate.
  1. Dollar Surveys
  2. Opinion Outpost
  3. Toluna
  4. Global Test Market
  5. MySurvey
  6. Pinecone Research
  7. ZoomPanel
  8. Permission Research
  9. Synovate
  10. MyView
  11. Test Spin
  12. Clear Voice Surveys
  13. Hot Spex
  14. Survey Spot


When we think of “making money online,” we often immediately think about affiliate marketing or selling digital products.  Sometimes, it’s easy to forget one of the oldest forms of making money online…selling products you own! Clear out your house, apartment, or bedroom.  Instead of throwing things away or letting them pile up and make a mess, get some money for them.
  1. Gazelle - This is a great place to sell back your gadgets that you don’t use anymore (like your old iPhone, laptop, etc.).  I was able to sell back my iPhone to them for $150 and put that money toward a new iPhone 5.  They even pay the shipping cost for you to ship the product to them.
  2. Amazon – You can actually sell back or trade in items you own to Amazon and receive Amazon gift card credit.
  3. eBay - The most popular auction site online.
  4. Craigslist - The most popular (and free) classified site online.
  5. Backpage
  7. Shopit
  8. Oodle

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Generating Leads By Offering Free Stuffs

Generating leads from free products means you can promote pay per lead program that is also called as CPA program. Thousands of software developers and website owners want to promote their products so they spend thousands of dollars in advertising campaigns . If you promote pay per lead program, you can earn easy money from the web .
You can find thousands of affiliate programs on lead commission basis on popular affiliate  networks. I would recommend you to join commission junction or shareasale affiliate network for this purpose.


Here comes the heat in computer gaming skills, readers. This tournament offers prizes, computers, hardware or accessories and even cash prizes at considerable rate. Although few of us will get prize in this tournament competitions, gamers who has incredible gaming skills tops the rank and prizes. It gives you good reputation among other gamers too.
Gaming tournaments are arranged by big game industries so gamers can expect good completion as well as good rate of money. Gamers requires quite high amount of talent to win completion.

Sell Game Items or Money

Method approaches by selling characters designed, game designs, in-game cash for real money. For these services limited number of games applicable, all these type of game requires strategy skill and good configuration on PC. Users can invest their money at the beginning and they can gain by exchanging real money for in-game gold and points.
Gamers who have finished their game with their avatar completed skill can sell it for money to other users.


Massive multiplayer games have vase number of players and characters designed with specific features, if you are feeling comfortable with that character you can buy of it for reasonable rate. This approach can be good for not to start from scratch for character design. Users can employ others to do their character design and make profit out of it.
This requires minimum gaming skills. If you are good at gaming then you can make money out of it, if you are Pro then play for others for making double the amount of money earning.just search google about it for more information.


What if I tell you can make transfer of money you have earned in game to real life currency. This kind of virtual reality games are worth of trying. Virtual reality games requires high configuration of computer for playing. Users are requested to design their characters or avatars after that you can either play game or chat with girls. Virtual games provide new blood to gamers veins, do you know how?
Not only to get fun of it, it makes to learn about surgery, flight simulation etc,. Gamers are required to pay some money for registering for the game play to the web sites offering virtual reality games. Virtual reality games are also available for kids too.
Lot of gamers made thousands of dollars with above approaches. All it requires is gaming passion to start the race for easy making money by playing games.


Many businesses support their products through a customer service department. In many cases, this means people who answer phone calls from customers. A growing number of businesses also offer customer service electronically through their Web sites and by e-mail.
At a Web site, customer service might include live chat sales and support. To use this, a customer clicks a link requesting to chat with a live person, and a customer service representative answers the request and speaks with the customer through a chat window. For e-mail customer service, the customer fills out a form at the Web site or sends e-mail directly to a particular address.
Since the live chat and e-mail depends only on having a reliable Internet connection and Web browser, businesses have looked increasingly at hiring home-based workers for these services. As a result, customer service contracting firms like Talk2Rep cover e-mail and live chat support in addition to inbound and outbound phone calls. While the pay rate is often minimal or commission-based, the growing demand for online customer service makes it a reliable source of income if you have a knack for it.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Create a Dedicated G+ Blog

Blogs work best when they are based on specific categories. A blog that speaks about everything like mine often suffer a lot (=p) If your new blog is solely based on Google+ customization tricks and apps and tools, then believe it or not, you can earn around $400-$800 per month with that blog if within a year it succeeded in receiving at least 5000 visitors per day.

Create a Google+ Club

If you are a keen and loving social person then you can use your friend circles to earn some bucks. Try to increase number of your Google+ followers as much as you can and once you have surpassed the 500-1000 limit then you can sale out +1'd recommendations to web owners. Rankings widely depend on social networks and web owners can spend enough money to buy tweets, Facebook likes and Google+ recommendations to rank their content higher.
PS: You can find people selling 100 +1'ds at $200! Google it for yourselves.

Develop a Google+ application

The most benefited and lucky people are the web developers in this case. If you have good programming skills then you must try hard to develop an app for G+ users that may benefit them in some regard. This app can be a game, Mozilla or Chrome Add-on, or even a self hosted API. Just visit the Mozilla and Chrome add-ons and extensions page and you will see how much downloads are made per day for those apps. Further you can submit your app to Android Market and Apple iOS store. The more downloads/hits your app receive the more backlinks, traffic and exposure your site will get. Always create a website for your app and then submit it at stores. Once your app becomes an entertaining and useful necessity for people then they will even donate you and companies will try to purchase the product from you. Remember how angry birds guys made their way.

Make Money With Programming

If you are an ace programmer then you would end this summer with thousands of dollars under your belt. Whether you are skilled at C/C++, Java, flash or can build professional websites from scratch or even like to make some games on the side, there are numerous freelance programming work opportunities online. Even if you have a full time software design job, you could find something that you could accomplish quickly and make some extra money as well. Elance covers everything from programming and writing to consulting and design, while RentACoder focuses on software, natch.

Play games to earn money!

Every app developer needs beta testers, who have nothing to do with the development of the apps. This helps them remove bugs and errors. With games, this is even harder.It requires a lot of man hours to test a game. So there are many companies that pay people to play their games, and provide feedback. That way, they can know if the project would be a fail or a success.


 Earn Money through skype. But the bottom-line is, with Skype, you can provide services such as tuitions to other people, and charge them for the call through Skype Prime.

Data Entry

data Entry is another popular money earning technique used by many people. But I must admit, it is a boring and time-intensive work. There are a lot of companies that want you to do their laborious tasks for them, without hiring a professional for the job. Usually, these tasks are simple. Entering one form of data into a form, organizing data, removing mistakes and errors, and so on.

News clipping services

Among many jobs of a public relations company is keeping track of articles and reports published in newspapers, magazines and online journals. Some also track the latest developments in the client’s business area. You can offer this service as a stand-alone. Offer to send them daily or weekly updates and maintain a database of news reports and clipping for companies.
If you are a bit creative, you can modify and customize it to the requirements of your local companies and executives. What about a service which tracks all the news and developments in the client’s business area while he is off on a vacation? Your client won’t have to struggle with staying updated with news during or after his vacation. Charge a small fee for this comfort. Does this sound like a cool way of making money online?

Offer newsletters

Do you have access to plenty of information in any particular sector or niche? Make use of this resource to make money online. Compile all information, news and articles in an elegant newsletter and offer it for a subscription fee. Your newsletter can be daily, weekly or monthly.
Who will subscribe to your newsletter? Get a list of prospective buyers from public information repositories or paid directories and give them a free trial subscription of your newsletter. Once they see the value in your newsletter, you will get plenty of subscribers

Write for content networks

Several content network websites pay for articles or blog posts. Associated Content and Helium “pay for performance” based on page views for articles on almost any topic. When you write articles on topics specified by them, you can earn payments of as much as $200. Also, a lot of companies require part-time bloggers to update their blogs.
You can also make money online by creating content for websites like SquidooHubPages and Google Knol. You can create articles or hubs on any number of topics and get paid a share of the advertising revenue. If you promote your affiliate links, you have all the mney generated though them for yourself. Though the money can be very small if you write just one article, it can grow into a decent additional income as you have more number of popular articles on these websites.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Earn Via Twitter

    Advertisers are looking to go viral and use social media to advertise about their firm/product and for this, they are using social media like Twitter, Facebook. They use your account to send a tweet of their choice to your followers and for which you get paid. There are many sites work for Twitter advertising but I personally prefer Magpie Advertising.

Earn Money For Your Reviews

 This is a new concept of earning where you are paid for writing reviews about product/websites/business group on your blog. Your positive review give them traffic, new clients and popularity. There are many paid review sites available but I found SocialSpark very popular and a better one.

Make money from Facebook services...

some people do pay me to help them customize their Facebook Fan pages while some do pay me to help them advertise their products/services on Facebook.

These are not the only ways of making money, just that those above are the ones I concentrate on for now.

Affiliate Marketing, Site Flipping etc are other ways you can make money online but am not really exploring them for now.

If you want to make money online without beating about the bush, you either sell something or offer services in return for cash. Dont be a jerk of all trade. Focus on few models and you will see the money rolling in as time passes by. Make sure you check out my "Money Making Tutorials".

If interested in blogging, join my Facebook Group: BloggersLab. You will connect with other bloggers and I will easily be answering your questions there.

If interested in SMS business, feel free to contact me too.

I hope this helps..

Feel free to contribute and ask questions..

Monday, 21 January 2013

Money from Selling ebooks and softwares

I make money selling ebooks and softwares. I advertise most of those ebooks and softwares I sell via my blog posts and also some via I receive payments directly into my bank accounts because most of the people that buy from me for now are mostly Nigerians. I hope to explore the international market in the future though....

Those that trust me, pay into my account and I deliver what they pay to them as soon as possible. I confirm payments with the help of my bank credit alerts and also via Internet banking. You too can make money selling ebooks even without writing any ebook by yourself. I can teach you....

Saturday, 19 January 2013


Despite the recent Great Recession there is still a massive undersupply of programmers and software developers.
Programming itself is becoming outsourced to places like India. But a software developer sees the broader picture and is able to manage and apply different programming jobs into a larger cohesive project or application.
The big boom area at the moment is web development and mobile applications. There are thousands of businesses out there who are under-utilizing their web and mobile presence and have tons of money to throw at it. That’s where you would come in. As there aren’t enough developers to meet the demand at the moment.


Many people don’t know this, but I spent much of my senior year of college playing poker seriously. I never turned pro, but I did turn $50 into about $5000 in less than a year.
Coincidentally (or maybe not), I’ve spent a fair amount of time around poker pros. My assistant is a former professional poker player. Many of my former dating coaching clients were professional poker players. Friends of mine have taken a stab at going pro and come close and failed.
Poker is easy to get good at but incredibly hard to be great at. Good will make you a little money, but being great is what makes you the big bucks. The earnings in poker scale exponentially. So the difference between being “pretty good” and “really good” can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a few years.
But getting to that “really good” level will require years of practice, analysis, studying, stress and discipline.


ECommerce sites are basically shopping sites. Think of Amazon as the ultimate ECommerce site. It may be a store for sports supplements, wedding decorations, or cat furniture, but it’s a store set up online for shopping.
Drop shipping is when you outsource the actual manufacturing and inventory to a factory that you have no affiliation with.
For instance, let’s say I want to start a business that sells scarves. I can outsource the actual manufacturing of the scarves to a factory in China, and then connect them to my US-based online store. So when someone orders on my store, the factory automatically churns out the product and ships it over.
There’s a lot of logistical hassles involved in drop shipping businesses. There are also higher start up costs and more ways things can go wrong. One must be certain that there’s a strong market demand for whatever product they want to sell or you can lose money quickly.
But once drop shipping businesses are off the ground, they’re usually sustainable and consistently profitable. It’s how Tim Ferriss originally made his money. It’s also how TropicalMBA founder Dan Andrews makes his.
I suppose you could say it’s the kind of online business that most resembles a “real business”. And if you have a family like mine, that could be a good thing. Happy Holidays.


I sometimes joke that if my primary business (this blog) went under, I’d become a web designer. Partly because I love doing web design. But also because that industry is such a racket right now. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met while traveling who have asked me to take a look at their website and it’s beenabsolutely horrible. Ugly. Non-functional. Totally not user friendly.
Then they tell me how much they paid for it and my jaw drops. “I’m in the wrong business,” I usually say.
The fact is, most people hire people to build a website because they know them. There’s no centralized expert design firm or anything. There’s no industry standard. And the clients have no idea what makes a site good or bad, so they just make due with the lump of crap that’s handed to them.
I’ve done a number of site design gigs over the years. Most of them I did for fairly cheap because they were for friends or people I met. But others I made a pretty penny.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Selling Products You Designed

In some cases, you may want to design your own products (we’re talking simple things, like t-shirts, magnets, mugs, etc.), but you don’t want to take on the cost of having inventory that you can’t sell.  The below options are great for this situation – for the most part, it’s free to set up a virtual storefront, and you earn money when your products sell (and if nothing sells, it costs you nothing).  These are generally great if you already have an established brand and want to sell your branded gear.
  1. Cafe Press – Easily design products like t-shirts, mugs, etc. and sell them from a virtual storefront through Cafe Press.
  2. E-Shirt – Cheaper alternative to Cafe Press that focuses primarily on t-shirts.
  3. Spreadshirt – Similar to E-Shirt.
  4. Zazzle – Very similar to Cafe Press.
  5. Shirt City – Another shirt design site/store


E-mail marketing is one of the oldest forms of making money online.  As the old cliche goes,“the money is in the list.” Within the MMO niche, e-mail marketing has become somewhat annoying, but there are some people who still do it well.  I like to think my newsletter subscribers get value out of my e-mail, as I very rarely promote anything.  I think e-mail marketing is critical, not just because it’s a way to drive traffic to things that make you money, but because it’s another way to stay in touch with people who follow your website, blog, or brand.  I only use Aweber, but I thought it would be helpful to include a list of alternatives.  I’ve noted the ones that are free.
  1. Aweber – This is what I use for my newsletter, and it works really well.
  2. Getresponse
  3. Stream Send
  4. iContact
  5. 1AutomationWiz
  6. Send Free – Has a free ad-supported option.
  7. Free Follow Up – One time fee of $4.99, and then free lifetime usage (I can’t attest to the quality of the service though.)
  8. Supersponders
  9. Topica
  10. MailChimp – Send up to 12,000 e-mails per month to a list of up to 2,000 subscribers for free.

Social Media (Specifically, Twitter)

Social networking and social media is a great way to share your content, gain followers, and in general, increase your presence online.  There are, however, ways to make money by sharing someone else’s content with your followers via Twitter.  I generally don’t consider this to be a great way to make money online, but it can be lucrative for those who have a big following. (Side note: I tried to see if there was a way to sell Facebook “likes” or get paid to share content on Facebook, and couldn’t find anything.)
  1. Sponsored Tweets - Just like it sounds, this site allows you to make money by tweeting for someone else.  I wrote about it here.
  2. MyLikes - Very similar to SponsoredTweets, however I like Sponsored Tweets a bit more.
  3. Magpie - Another Twitter advertising platform.

Books to Help You Make Money Online