Monday, 7 January 2013


Inboxdollar:You can now make money while at home. when you register on this site you, for you to make money on this all you need to do as a newbee, you need to refer people you want to be a beneficiary of this very site and if they register through your if your account wil be credited

What is the benefit when you register.
1. An inboxdollar account will be oppened for you.
2. You don't need to invest money to the site but you only be able to make money from the site if you register with the site.
3. Registeration is totally free. After registeration you still don't have to invest your money, you only need to invest your time to read mails, play games, do some surveying.
4. You will be able to collect your money when you have accumulate up to $30 and above in your account.
5. When you register your account will be credited with $5, just for registering. To register follow this link

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