Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Everybody surfing the internet probably has lots of files that he downloaded for either fun or education. Also they maybe want to share this files with friends or relatives. Today you can me money online with uploading and sharing files. To earn money online uploading files you need to do three steps. First of all you need to register on a site that pays for uploading and sharing files. Join one of the following: Filesonic, Sharecash, Hotfile, Uploadables, Easy-share, Fileserve, Filefactory, Uploading, After you join upload the files that you wish to share with others. These files can be videos, music files, ebooks and stuff. After you have uploaded your files you will be given a download link for every file to be downloaded. You should then share this link with your friends or on forums and blogs with other people who would be interested to whatever that you have uploaded. When people download your files you are paid money through some of the payment processors such as AlertPay or Moneybookers. Amount paid depends on the size of the file and the location from where it is downloaded. Larger files earn more money, and downloads from United States are paid more that from other countries. Maximum amount is around $10 -$20 per 1000 downloads.

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