Monday, 7 January 2013


There are a lot of lazy people that want the benefits of writing content online, but they just don’t want to write.  That means you have a huge opportunity to write stuff for others.
There are several strategies for making that happen.  One is simply publishing articles for others.  You can bank $3 – $10 per article by publishing aritlces for other people on,,, and others.  You can find plenty of people willing to pay for this content on or
You can also write content directly for websites as well.  Associated Content and Helium are two places you can get started writing for websites on specific topics of interest, and they pay on performance – meaning, you are paid for as much and as hard as you’re willing to work.
Then, if you have a blog and you’ve built up a bit of traffic, you can provide reviews for other people’s products or websites on your blog.  Places like ReviewMe, Sponsored Reviews, and LinkWorth will pay you to write these reviews.  All you have do is provide relevant content.
You can also write newsletters, reports, and blog content for other people directly.  These types of jobs are all over Elance and ODesk.  Check it out.

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