Sunday, 31 March 2013

Heartless Boy Beheads Father [pix]

The inhabitants of Buea Town are still to recover from the shock and consternation following the heinous killing of Pa Daniel Mbonde by his fourth son.

Friday, 15 March marked the untimely exit of Pa Daniel Mbonde, a retired Prison Warder beheaded in his farm by his own son whose name Cameroon Tribune got as Gabriel Mbonde alias “Daddy Black”.

Gabriel, 25, is presently languishing at the Buea Central Police station cell while the headless body of the father by press time (3pm Saturday) was brought to the family compound around the ‘Pala Pala field’ neighbourhood by the police for burial.

As the story goes, Pa Mbonde went to his farm situated around HUT One on the slopes of Mount Fako, Friday morning with one of his sons (Ndumbe). By 4pm, the two decided to go back home and each carried a long of wood. The young Ndumbe narrated that his father asked him to go ahead since he could not walk faster to the pace of the young man.

Somewhere along the road, he went on, he met with his elder brother (the assassin) and asked him where he was going by that time of the day but “Daddy Black” responded that he too was going to fetch his own firewood. Ndumbe said he questioned the brother how he was going to cut firewood without a machete but he said he was going to collect the machete from the father.

When by 6pm Pa Mbonde had not return, eyebrows were raised on what might have happened to him. Meanwhile, the said “Daddy Black” returned with a bag containing the head of his father. He is said to have moved with the said black bag around the neigbourhood claiming that his money is on the way coming. A woman who was also returning from her farm, Cameroon Tribune learnt, is reported to have seen somebody lying on the ground in the bush but did not border to verify. Following the search of the old man (in his early 70s according to family sources), the woman hinted the villagers who immediately went out to see for themselves.

The younger brother and other youths of the locality mobilized and got “Daddy Black” who admitted haven beheaded the father. He reportedly went to the house and brought out the father’s head. He was then taken to the Central Police Station where he is currently detained. Gabriel Mbonde a.k.a “Daddy Black” according to family sources has been a torn to the father’s flesh and the rest of the family.

He is said to have been on his father’s throat over monetary issues, accusing the father of selling the house and land without giving his own share. Cameroon Tribune also gathered that this is not the first time “Daddy Black” is committing such a flagitious act. He had some time ago, attempted to cut off the younger brother’s head. The incident left the brother (Ndumbe) with severe machete cuts which almost took his life.

“Daddy Black” again is reported to have raped his niece (younger sister’s child).

When he inflicted machete wounds on the brother, Cameroon Tribune learnt, he was detained in waiting trial at the Buea Central Prison but the father who is today the next victim, sold his house and land and bailed him out

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Girl Raped & Tortured to Death With A Huge Wood In Private Part [Pics]

I found this heart breaking picture of this young girl murdered like she was nothing on Earth this morning. Seriously, I’ve not been myself since then. The details of where or how the victim was murdered havn’t been made known yet but I’ll try get every detailed information about the murder.

With the mind of a psychologist, I would say she was kidnapped,raped and intentionally tortured to death by maybe an enemy.It pains me most to know that the wicked barbarians who did this to are out there walking the streets freely

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Three University Girl Beheaded and Thrown out of a Range Rover by Sugar Daddy [Photo]

Three corpses of female students whose heads have been beheaded was thrown from a Range Rover sport jeep at Ijebu-Ode/Ibadan road on Monday morning by men suspected to be their Sugar Daddies.

One of the girl is fair in complexion with UNILAG identity card (Yetunde Ajao) inside her hand bag. The second girl is an OOUITE student (Oyindamola Esan) also fair in complexion and kind of tall. The last girl is short, plumpy and dark [as seen in the photo above].

Anyone who knows them should kindly notify their friends or family members. I hear it’s a gory sight.What can I say…

Monday, 25 March 2013

Affiliate Marketing

If researching and writing an eBook is not for you, you should consider affiliate marketing. You’ll basically be promoting the products of other companies, and they will pay you a commission for each sale or lead you refer to them. Deciding Between CPS and CPA
Affiliate marketing is divided into two main models: CPS and CPA.
CPS stands for cost-per-sale, and under this model you’ll earn a commission whenever a visitor you refer to the merchant’s website makes a purchase. CPS commissions range from $10 up to $100 or more.
CPA stands for cost-per-action, and under this model you’ll earn a commission whenever a visitor you refer to the merchant’s website perform a required action, such as completing a survey or submitting his email address. CPA commissions range from $0.50 up to $2.
Which model should you choose? It depends on your skills. If you are good at generating traffic, then the CPA model might work better for you, because conversion rates are naturally high with those offers, since the visitor will not need to spend any money.
If you are good with copywriting, on the other hand, the CPS model might work better. As long as you can convince people to buy, you won’t need as much traffic to make a decent amount of money.
Finding An Offer
If you opted for the CPA model, you’ll now need to create an account with a CPA network. Max Bounty is one of the best around, with a wide range of campaigns and good payouts. Once your account is active, just browse through their market place and look for offers you could promote. Remember that offers in a niche you are familiar with should get your preference, since you’ll be able to promote them more easily (either by leveraging your existing website/contacts, or by writing new content related to the offer).
If you opted for a CPS model, you’ll need to make a further choice. That is, you need to decide whether you want to promote information products (e.g., eBooks and training programs) or physical goods and services. For the former, join ClickBank and browser their marketplace to find a suitable offer. If you want to promote physical goods instead, you can join Commission Junction or Share A Sale.
Designing Your Pre-Sell Page
Having a landing page to pre-sell your offer is very important, because visitors will see your information as an unbiased review of the product they are considering to buy (at least this is the goal). Secondly, the pre-sell page allows you to complement the sales pitch of the merchant, making sure the visitor will be ready to buy once he clicks through your affiliate link.
The same principles we listed for the eBook sales page apply here, with some minor modifications:
  1. Use a catchy headline to hook the attention of your visitors.
  2. Tell a story explaining where you are coming from, what problems you had, and how the product you are promoting solved them.
  3. Focus on the benefits the prospect will get from the product, and not on its features.
  4. Review important aspects of the product and add screenshots if suitable.
  5. Don’t be afraid to point out some negative aspects, too, as this will make your review look more balanced.
  6. Explain who would benefit from the product, and who would not.
  7. Highlight how much it costs, and explain why you think it is worth the money.
  8. Link to the merchant’s website using your affiliate link.
  9. Consider using affiliate banners in different positions of your landing page, too, as this will increase the chances of the visitor clicking through.
Keep in mind that the pre-sell page is not that important for CPA offers, because it is much easier to convince visitors to perform a task that won’t cost them money. You could test with it anyway and compare the results.
Driving Traffic to Your Offers
Whether you want to drive traffic to your pre-sell page or to your CPA offers directly, you can use the same methods we mentioned in the previous method. They include blog comments, posts in online forums, guest blogging and social networks.
Another traffic generation technique that works pretty well with affiliate offers is article marketing. That is, you’ll write articles on topics related to the offers you are promoting, and then you’ll submit them to article directories (here is a list with 50 of them). Most article directories allow you to include a link in the author byline, and you can use that to send traffic either to your pre-sell page or directly to your CPA offers.
If you know a bit about SEO and linkbuilding, you could also try to get your articles ranked high for relevant keywords, which would bring you additional traffic from search engines.

Selling All Kind Of Stuff on eBay

eBay is the largest online marketplace. It started as an auction website, but some years ago it introduced the “Buy It Now” feature, enabling sellers to sell their items for a fixed price. If you are willing to manage product listings and to ship stuff around the world, eBay could be the right place to make some quick money.
Selling Your Own Stuff
The first thing you could try to sell on eBay is the stuff hanging around your house that you are not using anymore. Examples include furniture, computers, gadgets, collections and so on.
The auction model might be more suitable to sell this kind of items, as you are not sure how much they are worth.
Buying Stuff to Sell
If you want to take your eBay business to the next level you could start buying stuff to re-sell on eBay. First of all you need to choose a product category you want to work with (e.g., mobile phones or pet supplies). After that you’ll need to find a wholesaler in your region, where you’ll be able to buy the items in bulk for a discounted price.
Then you’ll just need to setup the listings for each item you are selling. The “Buy It Now” model might work better here, because it allows you to sell faster and with a defined profit margin. You can always try both models and see which one works better, too.
Using a Drop Shipper
If you don’t want to have trouble buying, storing and shipping the items you’ll sell, you can try the drop shipping model. You’ll basically just manage the listings on eBay, and once an item is purchased you’ll forward the order and shipping details to the drop shipper, along with the money for the product. Obviously the price you’ll charge the customer on eBay must be higher than what you’ll pay the drop shipper, as that is what will create your profit margin.
As we mentioned before, the main advertising of this model is the fact that you won’t need to worry about storing and shipping the items. Secondly, it allows you to sell a much wider range of products, since they will be provided directly by the drop shipper.
You just need to be careful to find a reliable company to work with. is a website you can use to find wholesales and drop shippers. Questions you want to ask the company before going forward include: what is the minimum order volume, whether the products are going to be shipped with your name on the stamp, what is the return policy and so on.
General Tips to Sell on eBay
Figuring out what you are going to sell on eBay is only half of the battle. Now you need to actually sell it! And trust us, and it is not as easy as it looks.
First of all make sure that your headlines are catchy. Most eBay users just scan through the listings, and only click on the ones that call their attention for one reason or another.
Second, make sure to include appealing images. Place the best one close to the headline, and many closeups in the description of the product. Most eBay users completely ignore listings without images.
Third, aim to get positive feedback early on (i.e., do whatever you need to satisfy your buyers), and keep your seller rating as high as possible. Remember that trust is a major factor when people need to decide whether they will buy or not on eBay.
Fourth, offer as many payment options as possible. If you don’t, some users will get skeptical, and others will plainly not be able to purchase the item or bid on the auction.
Fifth, charge a fair shipping price, and make sure you learn how to ship sold items as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Shipping plays an important role in the feedback you’ll receive as a seller

Freelance Writing

If you like to write, freelance writing could be the ideal way to make some money fast on the Internet.
Freelance Marketplaces
Your first stop should be the three large freelance marketplaces: eLance, and Just sign-up for an account (which is free) and you’ll be able to bid on job requests.
There are all sorts of writing jobs in these marketplaces, including article writing, copywriting, article rewriting and editing, technical writing, researching and so on. You’ll need to start in the low end of the pay scale (e.g., $5 or $10 per 400-word article), but once you get some loyal clients your earnings will increase.

freelance writingWriting for Blogs
If you prefer to have a more stable position instead of tackling writing jobs here and there, you should look for blogs that are hiring writers. The pay rate ranges from $5 up to $30 or more per blog post, but if you are starting out expect your earnings to be in the lower end. The advantage of this model is that you’ll know forehand how much you’ll make per week (since most positions specify how many posts you need to write weekly or monthly).
In the three freelance marketplaces mentioned above you’ll also find blogging jobs. Alternatively you can check the Problogger Job Board.
Demand Studios
Demand Studios is a company that provides content for a wide range of websites on the Internet. Great part of this content comes from freelance writers, who earn a flat fee per article submitted.
If you want to write for them you’ll need to submit an application with a resume and two writing samples. Within a couple of days they’ll reply via email with an acceptance or a rejection.
Accepted writers can choose topics they are interested in and submit articles. You can earn anywhere from $5 up to $15 per article, and payments are sent once a week via Paypal.
Revenue Sharing Sites
There are many websites on the Internet that share their revenues with people willing to contribute content. Two popular ones are eHow, which pays a percentage of each advertising click generated from your articles, and AssociatedContent, which pays a flat fee for each 1,000 page views that your articles will receive.
Making money with these websites will not be as fast as with other methods, but one advantage is the fact that you’ll be building passive income streams. In other words, once your article is published, you’ll keep earning for months, and possibly years to come. Obviously you’ll need to promote your articles if you want them to rank high in search engines and receive a good amount of traffic.


Once you have chosen a topic, start writing your eBook right away. Aim to get at least 30 pages of pure content (the more the better, though), and make sure that your information will be top notch. If necessary research online to fill any blanks or to complement your material. Remember to add images and to proofread the text a couple of times at least.
It is perfectly possible to write 30 pages in three or four days, so roll up your sleeves and just do it!
Once the eBook is ready to go you’ll just need to transform it into a PDF document. This is very easy to do with the OpenOffice suite (which is free). Open the “Writer” text editor, put your eBook there (including the front page, the text and the images), add a footer if you want, format everything, and then use the “Export as PDF” function.
Designing the Sales Page
The next step is to create a sales page for your eBook. If you already have a blog or website, you could simply create an internal page and use it as a sales page. If you don’t have a website, you’ll need to buy a domain name and get a hosting plan. Don’t worry, this won’t cost you much. The domain will cost around $10, and the hosting plan from $5 to $10 monthly. In other words, you should be able to recover your investment within the first week if you sell a couple of eBooks.
Here are some basic guidelines to follow when creating your sales page:
  1. Use a catchy headline to hook the attention of your visitors.
  2. Tell a story explaining where you are coming from, what problems you had, and how the information in the eBook helped you solve them.
  3. Focus on the benefits the prospect will get from your eBook.
  4. Include some testimonials (you can give your eBook for some people in exchange for their testimonial).
  5. Include a 3D cover of the eBook. You can either ask a friend to design one for you, or try to do it yourself if you have Photoshop and some design skills (here is a tutorial for that).
  6. Place a large and visible “Buy it Now” button at the bottom.
  7. Offer a 30-day money back guarantee. This will increase your sales, because it removes the risk factor, and it will also ensure you’ll not have problems with people filing chargebacks and Paypal disputes.
Setting Up The Payment/Delivery System
At this point you’ll need a system to accept payments and deliver the eBook automatically. The easiest way to do this is with a website called E-junkie. They’ll charge you a fee of $5 monthly, but it is worth the money. You just need to configure your account, upload your PDF, and get the link where people can buy your eBook. Then you’ll set that link on your “Buy It Now!” button, and once people click there they’ll be redirected to Paypal. The money will go straight to your account, and once the payment is confirmed E-junkie will send the customer an email with his download link.
What about the price? There are basically three price points that perform well with eBooks: $4.95, $9.95 and $19.95. There are eBooks priced higher, obviously, but usually they have over 100 pages and are published by established experts/websites. If this is not your case, going with a lower price point will maximize your earnings.
Another option you have is to search for similar eBooks available online, and see how much they cost.
Driving Traffic to the Sales Page
Everything should be ready to go on your sales page now (test is a couple of times to make sure), so it is time to start driving traffic there! Remember that it is a numbers game. Your conversion rate (i.e., the percentage of visitors who will end up buying) will be small no matter what, so the more traffic you can send to your sales page, the more money you’ll make.
The first tactic you can use to get traffic is to comment on blogs, while making the comment link point to your sales page. Make a list of 20 or 30 blogs in your niche, and commit to write a couple of comments on each of them, every day.
Second, you can also use online forums. Create an account on large forums related to your niche, and promote your eBook whenever you feel it is feasible. You can also put a link to your sales page in your signature. Again, if you want to see results, you’ll need to join three or four large forums, and post a dozen of posts on each of them, every day.
Third, you can use E-junkie’s inbuilt affiliate program and convince some bloggers and webmasters to promote your eBook, in exchange for a commission. Just make list of blogs where the audience could be interested in your eBook, and approach the blog owner proposing the affiliate deal. Consider that 50% commissions are standard in the industry, so if you want to convince established bloggers you might need to offer as much as 70% of the cover price as affiliate commission.
An alternative approach is to write guest posts for these blogs, and to include a link to your sales page in the byline. This strategy will allow you to build a relationship with the blogger, too, which might be useful to convince him to promote your eBook as an affiliate in the future.
Finally, you can use social media to drive traffic to your sales page. Twitter and Facebook and the largest players here, and you should definitely give them a shot. Depending on your eBook, however, you could also try niche social networks, as they will provide you with a more targeted audience

how to make money online in nigeria using sharetori

Yes, i will explain how you can start making money in Nigeria with sharetori. If you’re hearing about sharetori for the first time, then this is a brief description of how sharetori works:
Sharetori is just an online organization that aims to connect advertisers with publishers.
The publishers earn money online with sharetori while the advertisers aim to create awareness for their products or services through sharetori.
I recently discovered about sharetori and decided to share this fantastic money making opportunity with my blog readers. If you join sharetori, you will start earning money online from the comfort of your home. However, the money you earn on sharetori depends largely on the extent of effort you put into it.
You will make money on sharetori by simply sharing the advertisers’ campaigns with your friends on social networks like twitter or facebook. If the campaigns end, then no one can profit from them any longer.
The amount you earn per campaign depends on the advertiser’s budget on that particular campaign which may be somewhere around N10 to N100 depending on the advertiser.
Sharetori has a way of tracking the Campaign, Clicks, Unique Clicks and earnings as soon as you share the campaign on either your facebook or twitter account

Rules for Sharing the advertisers’ campaign with your friends using sharetori

As you would expect, there are certain rules you must obey while sharing the campaign with your friends.
  •  Do not share the same campaign multiple times on your wall each day. This is inappropriate and considered spammy. You won’t earn more by sharing multiple times as only the first post is counted and validated.
  • Do not click on your own links. These links are basically meant for those interested in the advertiser’s campaign.  Clicking the links won’t add anything to your earnings, so it’s best to leave it to those it concerns.
  • Only share stuffs that would interest your friends and followers. For instance, if you’re a blogger that blogs about “Best cars in the world” and have friends or followers interested in learning about how to buy the best cars in the world; it would be ugly to share posts about “religion”  with your friends and followers because it’s completely off topic!
  • And finally, be nice to the community. Don’t think of corrupt practices or how to earn money via sharetori fraudulently.
  • Promote sharetori as much as you could. This is the first time i have seen a Nigerian website with basic design, management, creativity and support designed to help solve peoples’ needs. So, promote our dear ‘sharetori’ and help it attain the greatest heights possible because these guys deserve it!

Step by step guidelines on how to start making money online in Nigeria using sharetori:

  1. First, you need to sign up for a new Sharetori account . You can decide to sign up with your facebook account or twitter account.
  2. As soon as you’ve signed up, you may wish to read about sharetori and how it functions by clicking the “about us” link in the footer of their homepage.
  3. To start earning money online via sharetori, share any available campaign by clicking on the “Social share” link at the top of the page.
    sharetori, sharetori, sharetori
  4. After clicking on that link, you’ll be able to share the advertiser’s campaign on the wall of your social networks.
  5. As soon as you’ve shared it, you’ll be able to see the campaign, clicks and earnings from your sharetori dashboard.
  6. After earning on sharetori, you may wish to redeem your earnings via recharge cards if your balance is below N1000 or withdraw it your bank account if it’s above N1000.
If you’re a website owner, you can also opt in to display ads from sharetori on your website which also gives you special benefits.
If you have any further questions about how to make money online using sharetori, please comment below, i’ll be glad to help



Uinvest is a company based in Ukraine that aims to attract investors all over the world to invest in successful businesses and make money.
The Investors make money monthly while the businesses use the investors’ money to run their businesses. When the Investors make profits, Uinvest also make by taking only 10% of the Investor’s total profit(that’s how Uinvest makes its own money).
You can use Uinvest to make money through investments intead of gambling your money in trading Stocks, bonds, forex, commodities e.t.c that make you lose money unnecessarily especially if you are a beginner.
Uinvest’s sole aim is to connect the investors with the businesses. For instance, Google is a company that connects publishers with their potential advertisers. This way, Google makes a little money off the advertisers funds.
These businesses are ones we see in our everyday life like those that deal on steel, iron, kitchen wares, beverages, bungalow, confectionaries, babies’ clothes and others…
By investing in these businesses Uinvest has provided, you become a sole part of that business and any profits that business achieves, you make a percentage of it as well.
There can also be losses but Uinvest has provided a way of eliminating unsuccessful businesses and provide you with those ones that are viable and quickly profitable so that there’s zero risk on your side.
With this, you’ll be sure that your investments makes you profit monthly depending on the amount you invested.

Does Uinvest really pay or is it yet another scam?

Uinvest do pay its investors always on a monthly basis,so i can assure you that you funds are secure and in the right hands. You can also check this article on how to know if any online investment company is a scam. Besides, due to the fact that you’ve purchased a share of that business by investing on it, Uinvest provides you with share certificates in order to prove that you are part of that business.

Who is eligible to invest?

As i have said earlier, Uinvest is open to all people around the world no matter where you come from.
The only thing needed for you to start making money by investments is your funds because that’s what the businesses need to grow.

How much can i invest?

There’s no limit to how much you can invest. However, each business listed on Uinvest has its own maximum and minimum investments.

What are the methods of Investment?

Uinvest provides its Investors with a wide range of investment methods including paypal, liberty reserve ,payza and even visa card.

How do i get Started with Uinvest:

Ensure you confirm your email address.
Fill out your profile accordingly and make sure you include your payment details such as your liberty reserve account number, your payza email address and others.
Next, you need to find an investment opportunity that is suitable for you.
To do this, locate Assets management==>Invest projects on the left side of your Uinvest dashboard.
Here, you will be able to see shares open for investment by the different businesses approved by Uinvest.
Below is a snapshot of what you will see:
I believe you can clearly see the price per share, monthly earnings and shares left in these businesses. There are still lots and lots of them listed, so ensure to scroll down to see the one that best suits your investment plan.
Once you’ve chosen the business for your investment, you need to have funds on your account in order to invest on the business. Deposit funds into your account by going to Money Management==>Add funds on your Uinvest dashboard. Once the page opens, choose you preferred method of depositing and then complete the process.
After depositing the amount of funds you need to invest in that business, go back to Assets management==>Invest projects and locate the business you’ve chosen and then invest in it.
At the end of the month, request your withdrawal by going to Money management==>Withdraw funds.
This is how you can make money on Uinvest.

Write a book. Better yet, write an ebook and get your money

Many bloggers have dreams of being published authors. Many have indeed accomplished that goal and their blogs were a major catalyst in doing so. If that's you, then write and write well. Get involved in online writing communities like National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Follow a blogger like Rachelle Gardner, a literary agent who explains the ins and outs of getting published the "traditional" way. I also recommend following Michael Hyatt, former CEO of Thomas Nelson (the biggest Christian publisher as of 2010). If that doesn't work for you and you'd like to self-publish, try Lulu or CreateSpace (from Amazon).
But don't overlook ebooks! Their popularity is on the rise and they are simple to create. I turned down a traditional book deal in favor of self-publishing. My ebook, Tell Your Time, started out as an experiment and has turned into something I never imagined. I've sold thousands of copies and counting. This has turned into one of my biggest income streams.I make money selling ebooks and softwares. I advertise most of those ebooks and softwares I sell via my blog posts and also some via I receive payments directly into my bank accounts because most of the people that buy from me for now are mostly Nigerians. I hope to explore the international market in the future though....

Those that trust me, pay into my account and I deliver what they pay to them as soon as possible. I confirm payments with the help of my bank credit alerts and also via Internet banking. You too can make money selling ebooks even without writing any ebook by yourself

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Mother Acquitted for the Murder of Her Daughter

1015 e1312945752750 10 Most Shocking News in 2011
Casey Anthony was acquitted for the charge of murdering her 2-year-old daughter by a jury of the Orange County Florida. The trial attracted the public interest. Prosecutors alleged that Casey killed her daughter with chloroform and dumped her body in the woods

Earth having two Suns

0515 e1312945521915 10 Most Shocking News in 2011
The Senior Lecturer of Physics at the University of Southern Queensland, Dr. Brad Carter, outlined a situation wherein one of the brightest stars is losing mass and therefore, is going to collapse. This star will become super-nova because it may run out of fuel. If this will occur, we will be seeing a sun for weeks and there will be no night during said period. The blast may cause the creation of a black hole 1300 light years from earth. This scenario is said to happen next year or the following years to come

The World’s Youngest Smoker

0315 e1312945449645 10 Most Shocking News in 2011
Tong Liangliang is a six-year-old Chinese boy who was taught by his father to smoke at a very tender age. His father believed that smoking would ease the pain triggered by hernia. Tong was at the age of 18 months when he smoked his first cigarette. The father was not conscious of the seriousness of his son’s condition until the child increased the quantity of cigarettes he smoked. Tong is currently undergoing therapy.

Olympics Star Oscar Pistorius has been charged with Murder of his Girlfriend

Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius who took part in both the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend former FHM model Reeva Steenkamp after an incident at his property in Pretoria, South Africa at 4am this morning.
Olympics Star Oscar Pistorius has been charged with Murder of his Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, 30 has been dating Oscar Pistorius for two months; she was shot four times in the head, chest and arm, by Pistorius inside his mansion. It’s thought that she was killed by a handgun which the athlete kept next to his bed during what’s speculated to be a Valentine’s Day surprise.
According to media sources Pistorius believed to have told police he thought she was an intruder, however it has also been released by local Police that officers have visited his house before over alleged ‘domestic incidents’. It’s not clear though, when or who was involved, nor the exact nature of the domestic incidents which the police attended.
Police are currently treating the death as murder and Brigadier Denise Beukes, stated that police were ‘very surprised’ by the intruder suggestion. She told reporters that: ‘These allegations did not come from us.’
The Olympic star was due in court this afternoon; however the hearing has now been delayed to 7am (GMT) and Pistorius will remain in custody until then.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Nursing Assistant Charged With Killing Eight Babies

In July, 46-year-old French nursing assistant Dominique Cottrez was charged with the murder of her eight newborn babies. Police found the bones of two bodies at a home once owned by Cottrez and her husband, Pierre-Marie Cottrez; six more bodies were found at another home in the northeastern village of Villers-au-Tertre. She and her husband were both initially taken into custody; Pierre-Marie Cottrez was later freed as an “assisted witness.”
Cottrez admitted to suffocating the infants soon after she gave birth to them, between 1989 and 2006. She put their bodies in hermetically sealed bags and managed to keep it a secret for 17 years. Yikes!

World's Smallest Frog Found—Fly-Size Beast Is Tiniest Vertebrate(picture)

A tiny frog.

Giant Mysterious Eyeball Found on Florida Beach

Perhaps reminiscent of the infamous Montauk monster, a softball-size eyeball washed up in Florida in October (as if Florida needed anything else weird). The Internet was buzzing with questions: whose eye is it? What is it? A few days later, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reported that the “mystery eyeball” appears to belong to a swordfish. Full story>>
For being justifiably weird, gross, and mysterious all at the same time, the giant eyeball is our weirdest story of 2012.

The popularity index of anal sex

Few towns win infamy by giving their names to a class-A felony. In Biblical times, a burg we know as Sodom near the Dead Sea did just that. As told in Genesis 19: 5-8, God was fed up, about to destroy it and neighbor cities when Abraham pointed out some decent folks worth saving--his own nephew Lot and family. God sent two male angels down to investigate, who immediately attracted a large mob of sodomy-loving locals. To “protect” his angelic guests, Lot threw his two young daughters to the mob, adding, “They’re virgins, too!” At that point, God had had it with Sodom--and you know the rest.
In later Greco-Roman times, sodomy lost its standing as an abomination. Called pedico, it was practiced by men and women, the latter largely for contraception. When it came to adultery, however, the law took the practice of pedico in another direction: the guilty party could be sodomized by the injured party. Or, if he chose a stand-in, with a large radish!

Escort 'growled like an animal and tried to eat date's penis and testicles after romantic meal'

Escort 'growled like an animal and tried to eat date's penis and testicles after romantic meal

Police claim Priscilla Vaughn was high on a cocktail of ecstasy, marijuana and booze when she attacked her date in a hotel room in Orlando, Florida
Date from hell: It's alleged Priscilla Vaughn was high on a cocktail of ecstasy, marijuana and booze when she attacked her date in a hotel room in Orlando, Florida
Date from hell: It's alleged Priscilla Vaughn was high on a cocktail of ecstasy, marijuana and booze when she attacked her date in a hotel room in Orlando, Florida
An escort allegedly started growling like an animal before trying to eat her date's penis and testicles after a romantic meal.
Police claim Priscilla Vaughn was high on a cocktail of ecstasy, marijuana and booze when she attacked the man in a hotel room in Orlando, Florida.
The 29-year-old, who has been charged with attempted murder and battery, is alleged to have bit the man's genitals so badly he needed surgery.
The two had met on website and went out for dinner at an Applebees restaurant on Tuesday.
Once back at the hotel, it's alleged Vaughn started growling like an animal before attacking her date.
She allegedly also tried to gouge his eyes out and broke his mobile phone to stop him calling for help.
Other hotel guests called 911 after hearing screams and growls coming from their room and Vaughn was arrested.

8-Year-Old Boy Marries A 61-Year-Old Mother Of Five

marriage*We’re still trying to wrap our heads around this story.
An 8-year-old South African boy just tied the knot with a 61-year-old woman and mother of five to make his ancestors proud, reports
Sanele Masilea said it was his deceased grandfather’s wish for him to be married. His family then arranged for him to jump the broom with Helen Shabangu because he loves her.
“Sanele is named after his grandfather, who was never had a white wedding before he died so asked Sanele to get married,” his mother, Patience Masilela said. “He chose Helen because he loves her.”
Clad in a black and silver suit, the boy exchanged vows in Tshwane, South Africa in front of 100 guests. Oh, and they sealed the deal with a kiss.
“By doing this we made the ancestors happy. If we hadn’t done what my son had asked then something bad would have happened in the family,” Patience said, noting that the ceremony was not legally binding. “I didn’t have a problem with it because I know it’s what the ancestors wanted and it would make them happy.”
Sanele said when he is older, he plans to marry a woman his own age.
Meanwhile, we have lots and lots of questions about this, but why won’t bother ask.
sanele & helen
8-year-old Sanele Masilela has married 61-year-old Helen Shabangu in Tshwane, South Africa

Sex in space could kill you

ISS message
YOU may want to rethink that fantasy about having sex in space. New research suggests that space fornication could ruin your health.
Experiments conducted on plants have led scientists to conclude that changes in gravity can damage cells, clogging cell 'highway traffic' and potentially causing life-threatening diseases in humans.
Of course, we're particularly sensitive about anything which involves sex.
The research found that when gravity becomes extremely weak or strong, it affects the development and functionality of the pollen tube, which is the male reproductive organ in plants.
"Our findings have implications for human health as similar effects are likely to occur in human cells such as neurons where long distance intracellular transport is crucial," said Dr Youssef Chebli, a co-researcher in the study.
The clogging effect could have negative ramifications for human processes relating to reproduction, cancer and brain disease, reported The Daily Mail.
It's uncertain whether any humans have done the dirty in space before. Russia and the United States have both denied all of the inevitable rumours about sexual hijinks among the mixed-gender crews.
But with Virgin Galactic planning to fly tourists beyond the atmosphere as early as next year, humanity's supposedly clean interstellar record may be sullied soon enough.

Lion mauls woman to death during sex

A lion has reportedly mauled a woman to death in Zimbabwe.
RESIDENTS of a resort town in Zimbabwe are on alert after a rogue lion mauled to death two people.
Reports suggest that the man and his girlfriend, identified as Sharai Mawera, were having sex in a bushy area in Kariba when the lion attacked.
"Unfortunately the woman, who was also known as Mai Desire, was mauled to death by the lion but her boyfriend managed to escape naked and he was only wearing a condom," a source told
It says the man managed to escape and ran off while the woman was mauled to death.
Many motorists ignored the man, MyZimbabwe reported, because he was running all over the road naked.
An arm and the  remains of a second corpse, believed to be an as-yet-unidentified man, were found by rangers hunting for the lions.
The National Parks and Wildlife Authority said fliers are being handed out in the town and warned people against walking at night and using footpaths through the bush as shortcuts.
Volunteers are using a loudspeaker to caution townspeople on the dangers of lion attacks on the shores of Lake Kariba, a man-made hydroelectric dam popular for fishing and tourism.

Giant rats eat two babies in South Africa townships in separate attacks

  • I can't forget how ugly my child looked after her eyes were ripped out' says dead baby's mother
  • The rats can grow up to three-foot long
Lunathi Dwadwa, three, was the victim of a giant rat attack
Lunathi Dwadwa, three, was the victim of a giant rat attack
Giant rats as big as cats have killed and eaten two babies in separate attacks in South Africa's squalid townships this week.
Lunathi Dwadwa, three, was killed as she slept in her parent's shack in the Khayelitsha slum outside Cape Town and another girl was killed in Soweto township near Johannesburg the same day.
Little Lunathi was sleeping on a makeshift bed on the floor of her family's breeze block and corrugated iron home on Sunday night when she died. Her puzzled parents didn't even hear her scream.
When her mother discovered her lifeless body, she saw that her daughter's eyes had been gouged out.
Bukiswa Dwadwa, 27, said: 'I can't forget how ugly my child looked after her eyes were ripped out.
'She was eaten from her eyebrows to her cheeks, her other eye was hanging by a piece of flesh.'
Her father Mncedisi Mokoena said police told him: 'Nothing could have done that but rats'
And today police revealed that a baby girl died in the Soweto township when she was attacked by rats while her teenage mother was out with friends.
'We were called to the scene of the death of an infant due to a rat attack on Monday morning at around 9am,' said police officer Bongani Mhlongo.
'The mother of the child was arrested on charges of culpable homicide and negligence.'
A giant rat in South Africa, much like the ones which are thought to have killed two babies this last week
Rats Eating Humans
A giant rat in South Africa, much like the ones which are thought to have killed two babies this last week
The deaths appear to be part of a spate of deadly rat attacks in the country.
Last month, 77-year-old grandmother Nomathemba Joyi died after giant rats chewed off the right side of her face.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Man arrested after trying to sell a penis

A man in Malawi has been arrested after he was found to be trying to sell a penis he had just cut from a 45 year old man. Officer responded to a report of a man lying unconscious near some railway tracks last Tuesday. When he was admitted to hospital he was found to be missing his penis and balls. Soon after police were then called to a motel where the owner reported a man trying to sell her a penis for US$360
Man arrested after trying to sell a penis
The man who was a guest at the motel was arrested by police who also seized the penis. Salima police chief Foster Mangani said: “We rushed to the lodge and arrested the suspect. We also recovered the private parts.”
The suspect has been made as Samuel Banda who was found with the penis wrapped in white paper. Pictures were published by the local newspaper showing the severed penis wrapped in white paper. According to police Samuel Banda admitted to them of selling “many body parts to well-known business personalities”.
According to the local paper, the man is described as in a serious condition in the local hospital. It’s thought that the victim was caught by Samuel Banda when he was walking home drunk.
Local people believe that human body parts can bring them riches and many unscrupulous people pay money to poor locals to kill and dismember others.

Nine Year Old Mexican Girl Gives Birth

A nine year old girl in Mexico has given birth to a baby girl. Authorities believe the girl, a child herself was raped or being sexually abused. The baby girl was born in Zoquipan Hospital in Jalisco state, on January 27weighing 5lbs 7oz.

The baby’s mother has been identified only as Dafne, and she was only eight years old when she became pregnant. According to her mother who told officials, a teenager got her daughter pregnant, but he has since run away. She said: “The father is a boy who is 17, but we have not found him, since he ran away.”
Jorge Villasenor with the state prosecutors’ office said: “We are looking for the young man to get his story because she does not understand what has happened. This is a rape or child sex abuse case.”
Both girls have since been released from hospital and thought to be doing well, the hospital will be doing a follow up and working extensively with the family to ensure the safety of both children, due to the age of the new mother.
The youngest girl to give birth is thought to be Lina Medina, from Ticrapo in Peru, she had a caesarean section when she was aged five years and seven months and had a baby boy. This was in 1939, it was originally thought that she had a tumour when her parents took her to hospital however she was seven months pregnant.

Man has DILDO removed from his intestines

A 30-year old man had to have a dildo removed from his intestines by doctors at Zhongshan Hospital. The doctors managed to successfully remove the sex toy which the man had inserted into his body to enhance sexual pleasure with his wife.
Man has DILDO removed from his intestines
The dildo which was 9 inches (23cm) long and 3 inches (8cm) wide had somehow become stuck in his intestines. The man waited five days after inserting the dildo into his body before he visited a hospital. He first went to Zhongshan Hospital, but doctors were unable to remove it, he went back again the day after visiting other hospitals to try and have the dildo removed.
When the doctors at Zhongshan Hospital finally removed the stuck dildo, they found that the man only had some damage to the tissue of his intestines and that they had become blocked whilst the dildo was in there.
Doctor Yao Liqing from Zhongshan Hospital said: “If we did not remove the dildo in time, the man could have gone into a critical condition. We had decided to operate if we failed to take it out with the help of an endoscope. In the end we removed it and avoided having to do surgery. Doctors were astonished to see such a big item taken out of the patient’s body.”
Apparently it is fairly common for doctors to remove stuck sex objects, doctor Yao Liqing said: “There have been three similar cases so far this year. In the previous two or three years, we only had one such case. These patients were in deep pain when they arrived at the hospital. People must use sex toys properly and avoid ones that are too big as they can hurt people.”
The reports of incidents are on the rise, this is thought to be down to the loosening attitude towards sex in china. There are a plenty of shops which sell sex toys and contraceptives in Chinese cities.

Florida Man Eaten by Sink Hole

A man is presumed dead after being swallowed by a sink hole in Florida, USA. Desperate efforts were made by the man’s brother after the sink hole opened up in his bedroom, to rescue him, however as the hole grew he was unable to reach him. Fire officials have said that it is safe to presume he is now dead and the house has now been deemed too unstable to continue rescue efforts.
Florida Man Eaten by Sink Hole
The man 36 year old Jeff Bush was screaming for his brother as he was sucked into the whole which was opening up in his bedroom, as he settled in to sleep. Mr Bush’s brother, told My Fox Tampa Bay: ‘I ran in there and heard somebody screaming, my brother screaming, and I ran in there. And all I see is this big hole. All I see is the top of his bed. I didn’t see anything else, so I jumped in the hole and tried getting him out. And I couldn’t get him. I could hear him screaming for me, hollering for me. I couldn’t do nothing.’
Officials from Hillsborough County Fire Rescue arrived at the home at 11 p.m. on Thursday; one of the first officers on the scene had to pull Mr Bush’s brother out from the edge of the sink hole before he himself was also sucked in.
Speaking about the scene they found when they arrived Lt. Donald Morris from Hillbosourgh County Sheriff’s Department said: ‘The mattress, the bed, everything was actually going down in the hole where the first person had gone and now the second person is in the hole trying to save the first. And they’re not being successful so [the rescuer is] just reacting and doing what they have to do to get that person out. It was deep enough that the person he pulled out to safety was not able to fully extend their arms and even reach the top.’
Engineering equipment had been put down the hole, however no signs of life were found.

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