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Uinvest is a company based in Ukraine that aims to attract investors all over the world to invest in successful businesses and make money.
The Investors make money monthly while the businesses use the investors’ money to run their businesses. When the Investors make profits, Uinvest also make by taking only 10% of the Investor’s total profit(that’s how Uinvest makes its own money).
You can use Uinvest to make money through investments intead of gambling your money in trading Stocks, bonds, forex, commodities e.t.c that make you lose money unnecessarily especially if you are a beginner.
Uinvest’s sole aim is to connect the investors with the businesses. For instance, Google is a company that connects publishers with their potential advertisers. This way, Google makes a little money off the advertisers funds.
These businesses are ones we see in our everyday life like those that deal on steel, iron, kitchen wares, beverages, bungalow, confectionaries, babies’ clothes and others…
By investing in these businesses Uinvest has provided, you become a sole part of that business and any profits that business achieves, you make a percentage of it as well.
There can also be losses but Uinvest has provided a way of eliminating unsuccessful businesses and provide you with those ones that are viable and quickly profitable so that there’s zero risk on your side.
With this, you’ll be sure that your investments makes you profit monthly depending on the amount you invested.

Does Uinvest really pay or is it yet another scam?

Uinvest do pay its investors always on a monthly basis,so i can assure you that you funds are secure and in the right hands. You can also check this article on how to know if any online investment company is a scam. Besides, due to the fact that you’ve purchased a share of that business by investing on it, Uinvest provides you with share certificates in order to prove that you are part of that business.

Who is eligible to invest?

As i have said earlier, Uinvest is open to all people around the world no matter where you come from.
The only thing needed for you to start making money by investments is your funds because that’s what the businesses need to grow.

How much can i invest?

There’s no limit to how much you can invest. However, each business listed on Uinvest has its own maximum and minimum investments.

What are the methods of Investment?

Uinvest provides its Investors with a wide range of investment methods including paypal, liberty reserve ,payza and even visa card.

How do i get Started with Uinvest:

Ensure you confirm your email address.
Fill out your profile accordingly and make sure you include your payment details such as your liberty reserve account number, your payza email address and others.
Next, you need to find an investment opportunity that is suitable for you.
To do this, locate Assets management==>Invest projects on the left side of your Uinvest dashboard.
Here, you will be able to see shares open for investment by the different businesses approved by Uinvest.
Below is a snapshot of what you will see:
I believe you can clearly see the price per share, monthly earnings and shares left in these businesses. There are still lots and lots of them listed, so ensure to scroll down to see the one that best suits your investment plan.
Once you’ve chosen the business for your investment, you need to have funds on your account in order to invest on the business. Deposit funds into your account by going to Money Management==>Add funds on your Uinvest dashboard. Once the page opens, choose you preferred method of depositing and then complete the process.
After depositing the amount of funds you need to invest in that business, go back to Assets management==>Invest projects and locate the business you’ve chosen and then invest in it.
At the end of the month, request your withdrawal by going to Money management==>Withdraw funds.
This is how you can make money on Uinvest.

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