Monday, 25 March 2013

Selling All Kind Of Stuff on eBay

eBay is the largest online marketplace. It started as an auction website, but some years ago it introduced the “Buy It Now” feature, enabling sellers to sell their items for a fixed price. If you are willing to manage product listings and to ship stuff around the world, eBay could be the right place to make some quick money.
Selling Your Own Stuff
The first thing you could try to sell on eBay is the stuff hanging around your house that you are not using anymore. Examples include furniture, computers, gadgets, collections and so on.
The auction model might be more suitable to sell this kind of items, as you are not sure how much they are worth.
Buying Stuff to Sell
If you want to take your eBay business to the next level you could start buying stuff to re-sell on eBay. First of all you need to choose a product category you want to work with (e.g., mobile phones or pet supplies). After that you’ll need to find a wholesaler in your region, where you’ll be able to buy the items in bulk for a discounted price.
Then you’ll just need to setup the listings for each item you are selling. The “Buy It Now” model might work better here, because it allows you to sell faster and with a defined profit margin. You can always try both models and see which one works better, too.
Using a Drop Shipper
If you don’t want to have trouble buying, storing and shipping the items you’ll sell, you can try the drop shipping model. You’ll basically just manage the listings on eBay, and once an item is purchased you’ll forward the order and shipping details to the drop shipper, along with the money for the product. Obviously the price you’ll charge the customer on eBay must be higher than what you’ll pay the drop shipper, as that is what will create your profit margin.
As we mentioned before, the main advertising of this model is the fact that you won’t need to worry about storing and shipping the items. Secondly, it allows you to sell a much wider range of products, since they will be provided directly by the drop shipper.
You just need to be careful to find a reliable company to work with. is a website you can use to find wholesales and drop shippers. Questions you want to ask the company before going forward include: what is the minimum order volume, whether the products are going to be shipped with your name on the stamp, what is the return policy and so on.
General Tips to Sell on eBay
Figuring out what you are going to sell on eBay is only half of the battle. Now you need to actually sell it! And trust us, and it is not as easy as it looks.
First of all make sure that your headlines are catchy. Most eBay users just scan through the listings, and only click on the ones that call their attention for one reason or another.
Second, make sure to include appealing images. Place the best one close to the headline, and many closeups in the description of the product. Most eBay users completely ignore listings without images.
Third, aim to get positive feedback early on (i.e., do whatever you need to satisfy your buyers), and keep your seller rating as high as possible. Remember that trust is a major factor when people need to decide whether they will buy or not on eBay.
Fourth, offer as many payment options as possible. If you don’t, some users will get skeptical, and others will plainly not be able to purchase the item or bid on the auction.
Fifth, charge a fair shipping price, and make sure you learn how to ship sold items as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Shipping plays an important role in the feedback you’ll receive as a seller

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