Monday, 9 September 2013

Cossy Exposes Popular Musician Who's Begging Her For Sex

They mounted a stage for a scintillating performance. Cossy performed her "wicked" lap dance for him, a very tempting one. She said that after she did wonders to him on stage, the singer could not contain himself. Once they were off the stage, the guy went on his kneels, begging her for a "quick one".

Trust Cossy, she exposed everything and even mentioned the musician's name:

“Oga Eedris knelt down and started begging me. Well, please don’t blame oga Eedris, that dance would make any man beg for the real show."

You may wish to know that Cossy and Eedris Abdulkareem actually performed on one stage few weeks ago and her outfit on the stage alone was enough temptation, not to talk of the lap dance. Lolz!

Anyway, Cossy said she refused to grant access to the Nigeria Jagajaga singer and the guy was sad.

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