Friday, 19 December 2014

30 Days in Atlanta breaks box office records, grosses N76m in 7 weeks

30 Days in Atlanta, the movie produced by A-list comedian,AY has been announced as Nollywood’s Highest Grossing Cinema Movie of all time, after it amazingly grossed N76million in 7 weeks of showing on Cinema Screens across Nigeria. 

The announcement was made on Wednesday Dec. 17th (at Silverbird Galleria) by Guy Bruce, the Director, Silverbird Distribution Company, at a special reception to celebrate the Cast and Crew of the Movie."That it is N76million is quite impressive for a Nollywood film, Bruce said, and we are so proud of AY. We hope he does more Movies.” See the photos after the cut...

VIPS at the history-heralding Reception include AYhimself, Ramsey Noauh, Desmond Elliot, Julius Agwu, Okey Bakassi, Baba Dee, Ada Ameh, Darlington Abuda and Adewole Adedeji, the Senior Brand Manager of Maltina. 


More details and Photos are available

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