Friday, 5 December 2014

Photos: Mercy Aigbe Gentry covers 'The Celebrity Shoot Season5

Actress and movie  producer mercy Aigbe covers the celebrity shoot by fashion designer and stylist by Abbyke Domina. See more photos after the cut...

Can We Meet You?
 -I am Mercy Aigbe Gentry, a nollywood movie actress and producer.
What Does Fashion Mean To You?
  -Fashion to me means a way of expressing yourself through your outward appearance. Looking stylish and trendy.
Who is an African Woman?
 -An African woman is beautiful inside out, a strong woman who is perfect in her imperfections.
How do you dress? According to your mood or the trends?
 - Where I'm going to matters and atimes I go with trends, and atimes my mood influences my dressing.
Your worse fashion day?
- The day I saw a picture of me on a red carpet , where my bra strap showed. I was embarrassed.

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